Tips To Keep In Mind When Doing A Vegas Club Crawl

If a person who has never been to Vegas is planning on going to Las Vegas, then the chances are they will be going on a club crawl. Going on a club crawl is fun and can make a trip to Vegas very memorable, but there are a few tips that a person should keep in mind. Lets discuss 3 tips for the first time club crawler.

Be Prepared To Wait

If a person is planning on doing a Vegas club crawl, then they should be prepared to wait in long lines to get into any club. It does not matter which night a person goes clubbing on. It is Las Vegas and this means that every single night is a busy night for the clubs. Even though the lines are long, most clubs do a good job at getting people in as quick as possible, so the wait may not be too long.

Dress To Impress

When a person goes clubbing in Vegas, then they dress to impress. A person should dress as if they are going to a very nice restaurant. If a person does not dress to impress, then some of the clubs will simply turn them away. Males should wear a nice dress shirt, with a pair of dress pants and a nice pair of shoes, while women should wear a nice dress or a business/casual outfit. Basically, a person should dress as if they were heading to a professional job or an interview.

Choose To Go To Clubs With Discounted Drinks

The good thing about the clubs in Vegas is that many of them have discounted drinks. If a person is going on a club crawl, especially if it is their very first time, then they should try to go to the clubs that have discounted drinks. Finding out which clubs have discounted drinks may take a little bit of research but it is worth it. Drinks can be very expensive in Vegas, and it does not matter which club it is. Drinks are typically expensive in Vegas clubs for the simple fact that the clubs are located in Vegas.


There are many other tips that a first time visitor to Vegas should keep in mind when they do their first club crawl in the city but the three tips mentioned above are some of the most important tips. All of the tips mentioned above will either help a person save money, time and/or aggravation. As long as a person keeps all of the above mentioned tips in mind, they will have a great time going to Las Vegas and experiencing the nightlife there. To recap, the tips that a person should keep in mind when doing their very first club crawl are:

  • Dress to impress
  • Be prepared to wait in long lines
  • Visit clubs that have discounted drinks

The above three tips are very easy to follow and they are common sense tips that a any person will find very useful when they go to Vegas for the very first time.

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