Tips For Ladies On Getting VIP Entry In The Best Vegas Clubs

The nightlife in Las Vegas can be fun and interesting for ladies who know their way around it. For women who are new to the scene, here are some tips for ladies on getting VIP entry in the best Vegas Clubs. They definitely work, depending on how the ladies take advantage of them.

Befriend a club nightlife employee

Making friends with a nightclub’s employee, bouncer or promoter is perhaps the biggest step in accessing VIP entry. As much as any promoter will be willing to put a lady on his list of guests since they have commissions and quotas to make, a promoter who likes a particular reveler can arrange for extra services. For those who are more into club hopping, it is advisable to be in good terms with the bouncers of their favorite Vegas nightclubs. They might not always offer extra services such as free tables with bottle service, but can give one preferential treatment, say like allowing one to get inside without queuing. It is all about getting to know those with influence in the nightclub.

Become social and access social networks

Ladies are advised not to be shy, as the point of going to a Vegas nightclub is to socialize, dance with strangers and make friends. Hence, making friends with promoters they don’t now and liking the Facebook page of a favorite casino and club is quite helpful. The social media is a great way of bringing revelers into nightclubs, and ladies don’t have to go looking for promotes they know to help them access VIP entry. Instead, women can follow the club they are interested in on twitter, and get all the information about is, including the location. Most clubs use social networks to recruit party people, and they post information concerning special events, latest hookups, services or discounts on offer.

Dress elegantly

To say that a heart of gold is what gets ladies free VIP treatment in Las Vegas would be an understatement. The nightlife in the city is quite superficial. So women should do all it takes to look good when going out. While ladies should not overdo themselves by taking extreme measures the likes of plastic surgery, doing their hair, makeup, and putting on some spanx will do no harm. Additionally, all the friends that a lady takes with her to the club should also be dressed hotly. A group of hot girls will definitely get into a club faster, attract more attention, and get more freebies. And the attention will not be from the ordinary revelers only, but also from the high rollers willing to share their tables and drinks with some hot ladies.

Take advantage of the open bar

The open bars of most nightclubs in Las Vegas sometimes offer freebies for ladies who arrive early, usually before a certain time. Ladies can take advantage of this to have a lot of fun. Bring a bunch of girlfriends for tip, make sure to arrive early, and drink all the cheap champagne and fee well drinks they can get.

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